Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am ALMOST finished making R.'s first quilt (from Mum ever!)

I am ALMOST finished FMQ (free motion quilting) it! Superior Threads King Tut 40 wt. Egyptian Cotton thread in White Linen is what I am using and I really like it. I have been reading up on FMQ in this fantastic little book "Quilt Savvy" and she recommends using a wool batting. I bought this "Quilter's Dream" wool batting from Alewives Fabrics (Don't forget to tell Rhea I sent you if you grab some) and so far I am loving it. I'll let you know after the quilt is washed if I prefer it to the "Quilter's Dream" cotton batting.

I've also thrown off my quilting gloves and have replaced them with this Neutrogena Hand Cream that makes your hands perfectly sticky for moving your quilt around and it really works ~ thanks for the tip Gayle!!! (She read about it in one of Harriet Hargrave's quilting books)

I ALMOST chickened out and straight-lined quilted this instead, as this is my first time FMQ a quilt. I am doing a simple stipple and really having fun with it. It is of course far from perfect, but I am quite impressed with how well it is turning out.

R. said, "I want big stipples and small stipples." (She is extremely opinionated like me) Ha, ha, good thing because being inexperienced at FMQ, that is exactly what she is getting :D

Happy Saturday,

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  1. WOw! Saw your Juki on Flickr and I am MOST impressed by your FMQ! I am having all sorts of problems trying to master this and am hoping to take a two day course at the end of February (if they get enough takers) to set me on the right path! I bought my Juki about 6 months ago and still haven't mastered quilting- I can manage some straight line stuff on little things- mug rugs and placemats but not having much luck with bigger stuff! Yours is really beautiful! Look forward to seeing the whole quilt!