Monday, April 18, 2011

This Single Girl is FINISHED

Remember this Single Girl Mini Quilt I started here and here? Well, this single Girl is FINISHED!

It is even hand quilted! So yummy! I used these tutorials here and here to get me started.

This quilt was marked using Golden Threads Quilting Paper and Quilt Pounce...I'll definitely be using this technique (video here)to mark my quilting patterns in the future. I used yellow Gutermann hand quilting thread (color 758), a John James Big Eye number 11 quilting needle (its really short and easy to rock back and forth), a leather thimble, and a 17" Q Snap frame (in place of a hoop).

It was a bit tough getting the hang of it at first, but after completing the first two sections I was able to feel pretty confident in my stitching. I love the texture that the hand quilting brings to this quilt. I think I am a bit addicted to the hand quilting actually ;D

For the back, I used my favorite Japanese fabric for the middle strip and found a beautiful tea stained muslin at my LQS to use for the top and bottom pieces. I love how the hand stitches are so subtle on the back!

Now I just need to get it hung up in our bedroom so it can be admired often :D

This is a really fun quilt little quilt to make and I in fact I do have a Single Girl baby quilt in the works (in some very different fabrics) for someone very special!

Happy quilting,


  1. Very pretty Colette! Hand quilting is very addictive isn't it?

  2. Your Single Girl is beautiful, Colette!