Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finding My Style

I've officially been quilting for over a year now! I feel like I have struggled over the past year to define my quilting style, asking myself where exactly do I fit in? Finally I feel I have the answer to that, thanks to Sarah Fielke and a recent post on her blog, I guess I am considered a traditional quilter who likes to use modern fabrics. Yes, that description fits quite nice.

Material Obsession was the very first real quilting book I purchased and I fell head over heels in love with their quilting style and all of their quilts! As soon as Material Obsession 2 came out I just had to grab it and it is now my favorite quilting book. I dream of making each and every quilt in there...sigh!

Of course I've been following Sarah Fielke's blog The Last Piece and was thrilled to bits to find out she has released a new book "Quilting From Little Things" and had to order my copy from The Book Depository because it will not be released until August here in the US and I just couldn't wait until then ;D BTW it is FANTASTIC and filled with so many lovely and inspiring quilts!

And then I discovered she had a gorgeous quilt pattern in an Australian Quilters Companion special issue "Quilts From Precut Fabrics" (also a cute pattern from Kate Conlkin is in there) and I went on a desperate search to find and order one...disappointingly I was unable to find a retail source ~ drat! So how is it that I have one you ask? My sweet "Flickr Friend" Susan was kind enough to answer my plea (an email begging her really, ha ha) and she quickly ran and purchased a copy from her newsstand and mailed it off ASAP. In return I sent her a couple of magazines ~ swap fun! I am seriously drooling over half a dozen quilts in to find the time and energy (oh and lets not forget the $) to make a few of them up. My quilting cue is already bursting!

Oh and I mustn't forget the heat. My sewing loft is upstairs and it has been crazy hot here. What is a girl to do when one is not motivated to go upstairs and quilt in a sweat shop? Why try hand sewing blocks of course!

Here is a little sneak peek at a project I have been working on...

And I love this little tip ... cut a square of quilt batting and pin your pieces to it so you can roll it up and take it wherever you go. Genius right? You will find me lazily stitching away today in my nice cool bedroom, and the best part of the project is that it will be going with me to all of R.'s soccer practices and games, piano lessons, etc.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And happy quilting too!


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  1. Oh! Your hand pieced block is going to be fabulous! What patten is that? I wished I known you were desperate for the Sarah Fielke book- I would have sent you a copy of that too! It's been out here for a couple of months, at least! ;-) Happy sewing!